I Guadiani di Atlantide

venerdì, marzo 18, 2005

Questo è simpatico

Semplicemnete inserendo al propria data di nascita calcola il segno zodiacale occidentale e quello cinese. E fin qui niente di nuovo, ma la cosa simpatica è che ti dice quali tipi e colori di seta sono puiù adatti a te...
É di un sito che vende seta online.

Calculate your Astrological Signs, Auspicious Colors and Suggested Silks to Match your Personality:

Aries - Harmonious colors include: Red, Black, and Orange. Aries people are often daring in fashion and will find silk fun to wear (i.e. silk noil) . Ideal silks: Silk Matelasse AND Iridescent Thai Silk The major appeal of silk to Aries is adventure.

SNAKES are fastidious about their looks. They never wear washable silks as they wrinkle too easily. Rather, they prefer high quality printed silks that can be washed and are wrinkle, soil, moth & mildew resistant. The Snake is observant and so, enjoys items such as Embroidered Silk Sweater Sets. Quick to anger, the Snake does not have patience with immitation textiles. They possess great physical beauty and will be happy only if their clothing is a match in silk.

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